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IVK Europe welcomes Sauleda and Mondoplastico as new members

IVK Europe welcomes Sauleda and Mondoplastico as new members

IVK Europe, the European plastics films and sheets association, is growing

IVK Europe represents the joint interests of companies producing sheets made of plastic and caoutchouc for a multitude of applications. The focus on the organisation's work is on pursuing the interests for the material PVC and its substitutes.

IVK Europe is delighted to welcome two new members to the association:

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Dr. Hans-Hinrich Kruse, President of IVK Europe association, stated at the most recent General Assembly, where both companies joined: “IVK Europe e.V. is delighted to welcome new members of the association. It is great to see our membership growing constantly. They shall give our association an even more important voice in Europe. We are looking forward to working together with the new members on common goals.”

The Sauleda Group is a business group which manufactures technical fabrics for sun protection, outdoor upholstery and the nautical industry, with more than 100 years of experience. Since Sauleda was first established in 1897, it has had one objective: to manufacture high quality and design fabrics. More than a century later, it remains true to this vision, leading the Spanish market with a presence in more than 70 countries and a workforce of 300 employees. Among its products, it is possible to find fabrics for sun protection, technical fabrics for trucks, covers for goods, fabrics for industrial applications, interior and exterior decoration, fabrics for upholstery, advertising, waterproofing, textile architecture and nautical fabrics, among others.

Mondoplastico is a worldwide-known PVC and PET films producer, focused on high-quality calendered films. The company was established in 1949, experiencing constant growth to reach the current organisation: 3 production sites – 8 production lines – 230 employees. The company produces and sells approx 38,000 tons of film per year. Mondoplastico's products are formulated to be ready today for future certifications. This means that customers can take advantage of supplies on the cutting-edge, high value technical and qualitative. Mondoplastico is a supporting partner of VinylPlus.



About IVK Europe e.V.

IVK Europe e.V. (Industrieverband Kunststoffbahnen) represents the interests of European companies producing soft or rigid PVC films and sheets as well as PVC coated fabrics. IVK Europe’s 19 company members create an annual turnover of close to 2 billion euro and more than 12,000 jobs. IVK Europe works closely together with VinylPlus®, the Voluntary Commitment for sustainable development of the European PVC industry. More information at or